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Lemony Sour Fresh Wood Sorrel

 This post will be quick!  Whew! What a year it has been! All the way up and through this wind blown holiday season. I'd intended to have more content on here this week but life and chaos got in the way. Anyway! Winter greens are abundant here in North Texas! I am planning my next few posts about them. They are easy to spot sticking out of the otherwise winter-worn grass and have a range of flavors from bitter to lemony. Learning to identify your winter greens is definitely an easy way to start getting to know your yard.  For instance: Wood Sorrel is a great lemony addition to your salad or garnish to a meat and potato dish (or what whatever protein source you are consuming). And I'm SURE you've already spotted sorrel many times in your life. It looks a LOT like clover. In fact, it's probably more often what we spot when we say clover: small triple lobe scalloped greenery. If you're like me you have thought that all the things that look like 'clovers' are in

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