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Grey Field Speedwell

 Hi! It's been a very busy winter into spring. I am currently finishing my MFA, so, to my chagrin, I've had less time out in the fields staring at plants than I'd have liked -- for my physical and metal health.  But it hasn't been all indoors! As spring is truly SPRINGING to life here in north Texas, I've been investigating a few of the earliest sprouters.  This week my focus has been on SPEEDWELL.  This fascinating little grass hider is surprisingly AMAZING! Here is what caught my eye in my lawn: As you can see, there is a little sea of delicate blue four petal flowers coming from fuzzy stemmed, scallop leafed plants that are accomplishing a fine bit of ground cover. I had to know what this is! After a quick iNaturalist search on the photo to get some bearings, then some google searching for more detailed information to distinguish Persian Speedwell from Gray Field Speedwell -- and the consequences of confusing them, I found this little gem to be not only edible bu

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